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Function Analyzer 1.0

Draw the graph of a mathematical function with one variable with this tool
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Function Analyzer is a program that draws the graph of a function with one variable declared by the user. The operators used to build the mathematical expression are the usual ones used in software calculators: * for multiplying, / for dividing, ^ for power and so on. Parentheses can be used to group terms in your expression. Trigonometric functions are also supported, along with a few log operators (bases 2,8,10 and 16).
The interface of the program is minimal: one window, two entries of the top menu (help and about) and all the tools needed to create and adjust the graph are placed at the bottom of the window.
Two axes split the graph area in four quadrants but that’s not enough if you want to analyze certain points of your function. The lack of a grid and divisions on the axes make it almost impossible to know where to find a certain value on one axis. A workaround for this problem is moving the graph to a corner of the window and getting your values this way (in each corner, the coordinates are displayed).
This is an interesting, educative application. It’s hard to understand why there are no divisions on the axes and no grid because, excepting this lack, the program is well-constructed.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Simple interface
  • Functions are easily declared
  • Can move view and zoom in/out
  • Useful help content


  • No grid / no divisions on axes
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